• Unveiling of the memorial to the fallen in Těšín

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  • Orlová unveiled a sculpture and honoured the memory of the fallen

    Město Orlová


  • Orlová unveils reconstructed memorial to the fallen for Těšín


  • A statue with an eagle above the graves of the Czechoslovak victims of the Seven Days War for Těšín


  • Unveiling of the monument to the fallen for Těšín

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  • No more shame. Czech victims of the old war have a worthy memorial in Orlová



  • The Museum of Těšín boasts a new model of the Silesian Eagle. The sculptor worked without a model, admires the director

  • The sculpture of the Silesian Eagle returned to the restored memorial to the fallen for Těšín

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  • Return of the sculpture to the Seven Days War Memorial

  • Return of the Silesian Eagle. Disappeared memorial to the victims of the Seven-Day War returns to Orlová – series

  • From stone to monument. The statue of the Silesian Eagle is almost finished. But the author is still burdened by the consequences of the theft

  • The void at the memorial in Orlová will be filled by the Silesian Eagle. The placement is accompanied by the handling of the monument blocks

  • The author of the thirty-ton Silesian Eagle lost all his sculpting tools. They also stole my grandfather’s souvenir chisels

  • Giant pieces of sandstone will create a new sculpture in Orlová. In breaking them, they had to use extraordinary procedures

  • After decades, a five-metre-long replica of the Silesian Eagle will again be part of the Seven Days War Memorial in Orlová

  • Figural sculpture with the Silesian Eagle receives its final form

  • Urn designer and sculptor: Ashtrays sell well, people buy them long in advance

  • Sculpture is a profession and relaxation

  • Prague -Velká Chuchle is the place of creation of a unique work

  • The sculptor creates design urns. People get them before they die

  • Disappeared Silesian sculpture is made of clay, it will return to the memorial next year

  • The auxiliary model of the lost sculpture is almost finished

  • Renaissance of the urn grove or How not to forget death