Column with Corinthian Head

Complete sculpture work, an exact copy of a sandstone column, a three-piece base, a Corinthian head, and Christ on the cross from 1814 to hand-cut Hořice sandstone with a total height of 5.6 m.

Statue of Our Lady

Complete restoration work from mechanical and chemical cleaning to the addition of missing parts after chemical preservation strengthening and hydrophobic agents.

Tomb of Gustav Vacek

Complete sculpture work, exact copy of the sandstone grave of academic painter Gustav Vacek from 1821 to hand-cut Dubensky sandstone.

Sculpture decoration of the grave

Modeling of sculptural elements and the complete production of castings made of acrylic mixture with patina imitating old bronze.

Memorial plaque

Making of a memorial plaque at Hostince u Tyšerů known as Houtyš, which is a center of independent culture and a place of free-thinking artists with dimensions of 80 x 40 cm.

Sandstone municipal emblem

Making sandstone sign of Staré Křečany to the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the village of the fine sandstone Cotta Pirna with dimensions of 440 x 480 x 70 mm.