Curriculum vitae

This CV is not to present power and bravery of an American action hero suffering from a lack of self- preservation, neither is this a story of wit and glibness of a good old Czech character – soldier Svejk. Simply; you will not find any kind of supernatural characteristics of Superman within this short prologue…. Yet, it features unlimited abilities on one hand and earthly humbleness on the other. About me is About keeping that rope-dancing balance between a brilliant master piece and seeking of a talented apprentice. His life is filled with a crude mass of lifeless materials being moulded by a fragile philosophy of a mute fool – omnipresent scrutiny but also unstable yet elegant balance. And who (or what) are we talking about here? Ladies and Gentlemen let me present to you the Life and Work of a young, skilled craftsman with a great potential – Martin Chmelar.

Martin took his first shaky steps into the unknown on 1st April 1985, when he became a new honorary member of Life benefiters. This April arrival itself was an initial joke that was a precedent to all his movements that should follow. From a clumsy strider, who now and then hits his head against a warning sign STOP, with time, to become a wide-awake hunter of opportunities, who loves challenges and surpassing his own abilities. His domain is entertainment, for which he uses sculpting tools and other various implements and apparatus. He speaks through clay, which he dresses in his conceptions, only to end up standing naked in front of his audience. We could call him a harlequin without mask, who is not showing off his garments, but presenting to us the depth, from which seeps his own rich imagination.

Imagination is highly thought of here in Czechia and Moravia. Martin Chmelar has already earned several awards for his realisations in different materials. Martin’s early work was created during primitive conditions, supported mainly by his own rock hard endurance. And it is rock and metal which withstand the curse of time. A bronze or a sandstone sculpture reserves its long lasting existence to please and inspire its audiences for centuries.

Miloš Šolc